About Us

The possibility to see the big picture and the attention to detail are
key for the successful communication projects of our clients and we play significant part of it.

When ImagePR was first established in 2002, its founders were led by the idea that a very important part is missing in the segment of professional communications in Macedonian. They have decided to use the experience and reputation they have earned in the area of marketing, journalism and other related areas in order to develop a new profession and to establish the first independent specialized public relations agency in Macedonia.

As the work progressed it became clear that one communication discipline individually cannot ensure maximum results for the clients, so the team of ImagePR dedicated itself to strategic communications and communication management. In order to achieve the necessary level of management of all communications, we practice the model of integrated communications which besides strategic and effective public relations, incorporates marketing communications as well.

Today, we can rightfully say that the team of ImagePR, by pursuing high level of professionalism and ethical approach, proposes solutions, sets-up and implements long-term communication platforms, regardless how complicated and impossible they may seem at the beginning. And it is our clients that can say most about this.

For ImagePR the number of clients is not a measure for success, on the contrary, the number of successful long-term stories is our main advantage. And precisely for that reason we assert to insist on partnership and nor merely on client – agency relation. Everyone who believes in this formula is welcomed in the carefully selected group of clients, and before starting to work with them we have to believe in their values.