Multidisciplinary knowledge is the “only” specialty which you need
in the world of modern communications.
The beginnings of ImagePR are related to the beer and beverage industry and to telecommunications. The initial trust enabled us to acquire significant experience which progressed with the years and was used for our work with clients from many different industries. The list of clients is considerably long, and these are always clients in which values we trust and to which we can devote full attention in order to satisfy their communication needs. This is because we are led by one seemingly very simple philosophy – the clients deserve the best communication with the public, and a measure for our success is their success.

By working with various clients, we have acquired valuable multidisciplinary knowledge from many different areas and industries. It is entirely used for building effective communication and impeccable reputation for our current and future clients. The team of ImagePR has expertise in working with corporate clients, public institutions, international organization, non-governmental organizations, foundations and citizens’ association, as well as with political entities. 

Significant part of our portfolio until present-day consists of work with corporate clients in the following industries:

  • Telecommunication and information technology;
  • Energy;
  • Production of drinks (wine, beer and beverage industry);
  • Dairy industry;
  • Mining;
  • Construction and cement industry;
  • Banking and insurance;
  • Health and pharmaceuticals;
  • Automobile industry and others.

Furthermore, ImagePR by working on projects of renowned international organizations, as well as of domestic institutions, ministries and agencies, has acquired significant experience in creating and proving support in the implementation of communication strategies and public awareness plans concerning the benefits of some of the most important reforms in the country.

As a team, but also as individuals, we are very much content, satisfied and proud, because we can work on projects which have broader social significance. In the implementation of these projects very often we invest our own time, energy and material resources.

We are especially full of pride because of the projects initiated through the Movement for Support of Creativity – “Ivo Laurencik”. Thanks to the volunteering of all of the members of the Movement and the funds donated by ImagePR the Movement every year grants a reward for young creative people titled “Bravo Sine!”; (www.bravosine.mk)