The Team

Every member of the ImagePR team invests its personal and professional credibility
in communicating our clients’ values. ImagePR – it’s the people.

Effective communications are created and managed by a team of true professionals who have sharp sense, expertise, vast multidisciplinary knowledge and specialized skills which are key for achieving wanted communication objectives. We will not be modest and we will say that every member of our family has these qualities. In  ImagePR we are convinced that the best communication strategies and plans will give the wanted results only if they are implemented by a team with moral credibility, strong desire for success and dedication to work, a team that believes and invests in achieving partner relations with the clients as a basic precondition for efficient and fruitful work. That is our team, and its key people are:

Angelka Peeva Laurenchik

Executive Manager

Angelka is one of the founders of ImagePR. She is a PhD candidate in communications, with several decades of experience in the area of corporate, institutional and political communications. She insists on high level of delivery, dedication and ethics in her work, but also in the work of every member of the team she manages. She draws her energy from the support coming from her family and the members of the team, but also from the success in achieving the objectives and needs of the clients, because as she says: “The success of our clients is an indicator of our own quality”.

Aleksandar Delovski

Strategic Communications

He is one of the main pillars of ImagePR. As one of its founders, he is always careful and insists that it should not be forgotten that “you cannot work for good reputation of others if you do not take care of your own reputation first”. He is always interested to present the client and its story in the best light and he appeals to others to find strong arguments that support and confirm the truth.

Magdalena Mihajloska

Strategic Communications

“For every work it is important to love it, to be good at it and constantly to improve yourself, but the most important thing is to be persistent”. This is the motto of Magdalena, and very ingeniously she manages to convey her motto to the others in the team, raising it to the level of philosophy of operation of the team of ImagePR.

Goce Pachemski

Strategic Communications

As a former journalist and as one of the first spokespersons of state institutions in the country, Goce is a unique example that with a lot of work, arduous study and love for what you do, even if you are an electrical engineer you can “turn out” to be good public relations and communication management specialist.

Gordana Arsova Ristovska

Corporate Communications
In every functional team, it is necessary to have at least one member who can quickly find the way out, even from the most elaborate labyrinth. Gordana has perfected this skill. And this is not by accident! It is a result of the combination of knowledge in the area of communications and marketing management, experience acquired through the implementation of many communication projects and events, but also through the unique instinct and approach towards the work, which is also evident in her motto: “Don’t leave anything to chance”.

Iva Orceva

Corporate Communications

Communications are as a tasty meal. Everyone wants a taste of it, but few know how to cook it. Top communication “cooks” as Iva, are not satisfied with mediocrity. Every new communication recipe is a new dose of adrenalin. This is the case with Iva as well. She constantly invests in her knowledge in all areas of strategic planning and communication management. It helps for her to perfect the way in which she, together with the other members of the team, manages communication projects and events of our clients.

Dragana Janevska

Events and Special Projects

For Dragana, public relations are more than just communication. Public relations are an inspiration, creation, imagination, excitement… Maybe that is why, naturally, she is one of the founders of ImagePR and it is one of her features. Her sense for true values which make the beauty of life, empathy and feeling for aesthetics and style, in combinations with her natural gift for communication, gives every one that knows her, an impression that communications and public relations are inborn skills of Dragana.

Ana Cvetkovska

Finance and Budget

Ana is responsible for the financial “bloodstream” of ImagePR. Ana faces the biggest challenges with pragmatism and has vast knowledge, expertise and experience in the area of financial management and even in other areas as well. All this makes her familiar, and very often directly involved in the implementation of all communication projects of ImagePR.

Aleskandar Mihailov

IT & Logistics

He is one of the key moving parts in the machinery of ImagePR. This was the case since day one, when ImagePR was established, until today. He is perfectly familiar with communication and computer technology, and because of his knowledge of contemporary multimedia tools, with ease he transforms every idea into a communication product.

Biserka Veljanovska

Office Manager and Project Assistant

Probably the team of ImagePR would not be what it is – cohesive, compact and functional – if Biserka was not part of it. With no doubt, she is its “connective tissue”, since its commencements. At the same time she is the first member and voice of ImagePR that you are likely to meet and hear. We are happy because of that, because if the first impressions are what counts, then with Biserka in our team we are sure to win.

Zoran Mitevski

Media Monitoring and Analyses

Zoran is a person that never sleeps. Literally. He is the “early warning system” of ImagePR. With his people and the best software and hardware on the market, day and night he monitors information being published in the media and “alarms” the team if something does not fit the image we want our clients to have in public.